Thoughts on the world.

Greetings interwebs… 

As you can probably tell, this post is going to be about my thoughts on the world – but the issue that I mainly want to talk about is this whole North Korea/USA issue. Now I’m not an American citizen, nor am I an expert on politics; however the idea of a potential nuclear strike deeply disturbs me. 

Firstly, I’m sure N. Korea have their own inscrutable reasons for wanting to launch an attack on the USA, but here’s my question: WHY? I cannot fathom why this needs to happen. The concept of war to me has always been pointless; I fail to see why so much money has to be spent on killing each other.

Now, I know that sometimes ‘superpowers’ feel the need to support some democracies if they need the help – the First and Second World Wars are indicative of this. The oppressed need to be freed – it would be inhumane to stand back and watch heinous crimes take place, but at the same time, it would just be so much better if people would stop and take the necessary time to consider the pros and cons of war: 

  1. Is war necessary? – (fundamental question)
  2. Are we going to benefit from it? 
  3. At what cost? Money? The disposal of our fellow human beings? 

Just a few of the things, which I feel are really not considered… With that being said, I do have a great respect for all those men and women who volunteer their lives to right the wrongs in this world. 

Anyway back to this whole potential war outbreak. Can we all just chill the hell out, because war is not necessary. There are far more important domestic issues which need to be settled, and nuking other countries cannot be classified as one – note the word ‘domestic’ 😉

That’s all… This is probably one of the few times I’ll blog about politics and whatnot, so I hope you enjoyed reading this. I’m sure my next post will be about something much more cheerful. 😀